Wednesday, July 21, 2010

These are the meals of our lives.

*Photo courtesy of Bacaro NYC and the World Wide Web. Thank you Al Gore!

Your trusty humpday correspondent here. In preparation for my trip to Texas I had planned on delivering an ode to all things Tex-Mex. Fajitas. Tacos. Chimis! You name it. But it looks as though my favorite newlywed beat me to the punch! Don't fret. I'll come at you next week fresh off of a queso binge and itching to talk about it.

[enter non sequitur here] I recently relocated to Bushwick from the LES and while the transition has gone better than expected I've found myself longing for my old friends - Bacaro, Broadway East, Barrio Chino & Lil' Frankie's. This was my wolf-pack. My fat, fatty, fat-fat wolf-pack. And while I'm certain I took for granted the immediacy of each I'm worried that I may have overlooked something else all together. The subtly of Bacarao's mushroom gnocchi. The depressing elegance of Broadway East's dining room. And the terrifying drunkenness of Barrio Chino's jalapeno margarita. Together these form the hazy memories of the past two years of my life. The birthday dinner, the out-of-town friend, the impromptu brunch & the drink drank drunk - my entire social life was built around my dinner plate - and I can't say I'm the worse for wear.

So stay true to your favorites my little foodies. You never know when an amazing apartment might come along and tear your dining life asunder!

Yours in food,

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