Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yucking my yum.

Remember me? Like you could forget! My days have been completely consumed by the Chilean-miner saga and now that NASA has rescued them I've found myself with entirely too much free-time. Lucky you.

OK so where to begin? I had planned to write about my adventures with Anthony Bourdain and 'No Reservations: Season 8' last week but a sinus infection got in my way. I found the majority of the season fairly uninspiring but a few episodes stood out among the fever dreams. In one of the final episodes of the season Tony makes the trek to Maine and uncovers the past of his Emmy-award-winning cameraman/cinematographer dude Zach Zamboni. It's supposed to be about food and all but it's mostly about Zach and Tony; a modern-day love affair! And if you know me, you know I love me some bro love. They do eat something called a "bean supper" and I recall something about some moose meat. Apparently moose meat isn't as gamy as you'd think. Go, moose!

Other than a really bizarre episode venturing up and down the Hudson River the only other on that stuck in my head was an episode entitled 'Obsessed'. Basically Tony slaps around a pig head for 45 minutes and when he's not slapping he's talking about food bloggers and the drama that they bring.

Which brings me to my point! Didn't think I had one, did you? Tony's big point when he's yucking it up with these blogger dudes is that by definition the discussion of food takes away the pure pleasure of it. In other words, it yucks your yum. Now, in general, I have to agree with Mr. Bourdain and his assertion. Food is experienced. It's carnal. It's not to be fretted over. But I also have to say I took offense having spent the last few months writing about, well, FOOD.

What to do! I don't want to go against my Tony but I don't want to forsake my foodies either. So the question is, can the two worlds exist as one? The carnal and the cerebral?

While you're marinating on that, I think I'm going to go marinate on some chocolate chip cookies. We'll circle back next week and see if we've come to any conclusions.