Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pizza Crawl

So, everyone has heard of a pub crawl, and hopefully all of you have been on one. I have a friend who is great at organizing these events. Last time, however, she chose to take the art of prancing from place to place for sake of indulgence in different sceneries to a whole new level. Enter: the pizza crawl. The mission: gorging on old school brooklyn pizza.

We met on a Saturday at 1pm. Our group of 16 stayed eager in spite of the humidity induced sweatfest. First stop: Grimaldi's. After waiting in the infamous line for an hour, we were finally seated. Our server was quick to dole out beers as we pondered the menu. And by ponder I mean take 2 seconds to spit out our order of 4 pies- 2 plain and 2 pepperoni. The pizza was amazing. Thin crust but with just the right amount of doughiness. Sauce sweet, cheese smooth, pepperoni slightly spicy. Drool.

After gorging at Grimaldi's we hopped on a subway (or 2) and headed deeper into Brooklyn. Second stop: Di Fara. This was a complete change of pace. Imagine a typical slice place with only a few tables. The mood is get your pizza and get out. Well, atleast a group as large as ours. So 2 people went in and ordered 2 plain pies, 2 other people ran across the street to buy a case of Coronas, and the rest of us mingled on the sidewalk. The pizza was ready rather quickly and came out piping hot. The most memorable aspect of this pizza was the giant puddle of grease in the center oozing out in all directions. You couldn't even pick up a slice without the grease dripping down your arm. Regardless, once most of it dripped off, it was pretty tasty. The cheese was completely melted and scattered with large leaves of basil. Scrumptious.

Once again, a hop, skip, and a jump in the general direction of brighton beach. Third stop: Spumoni Gardens. A welcoming place with a large outside seating area filled with red picnic tables. When sitting outside at Spumoni there are no waiters. You simply walk up to the take out window and order. We slowly but surely consumed a tray of sicilian cheese. It was delicious. Substantially thick and fluffy, lots of sauce, and a thin layer of cheese which did not cover the entire pizza. We washed it down with some delectable italian ice. The perfect refreshment to wrap up the day.

My favorite slice was (drum roll...) Grimaldis. It was soooooo tasty and perfect. I tried it again last night at another location and must say it was not near as good as the original. But man oh man, I would absolutely wait in that line again for another savory slice of pie.

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