Friday, July 30, 2010

Spoiled Fresh

I'm writing a day late and a dollar short(er). This week I was celebrating my boyfriend's birthday which at his request involved lots of fancy eating. We had the pleasure of eating at 3 of the top rated Zagat restaurants in NYC. I'll get to the most exciting 2 in the weeks to come (Le Bernardin and Momofuku Ko), but today I want to write about Sripraphai.

After hearing rave reviews of this authentic Thai restaurant, we found ourselves there about 4pm yesterday. Being such an odd time, we had the restaurant to ourselves. This is a rare occassion, as there is typically a line out the door and down the street. Despite our hunger, we took time to read thru the thick menu. It is about 50 pages, each item including a picture. I cannot tell you how much I love picture menus! We ended up ordering a bottle of pinot gritio and the following:

Fried pickled pork spare-ribs
Chicken curry puff
Steamed dumpling with chicken & shrimp
Sauté sliced catfish in spicy curry sauce w. Thai eggplant
Whole red snapper topped with chili, garlic & basil

Those big round disc shaped pieces above look like sliced eggplant. False! They are the fried catfish. Bone in. I don't recall ever having fish in that shape, and I cannot say I was a fan. Although the eggplant and the sauce were very good. It came with some amazing coconut rice.
Huge dumplings, mi amore.

Pickled rib tips. Wish we had ordered the honey ribs on the bone.

Ah, whole fish, head on. I haven't had this since I was in Turkey 3 years ago. So fresh, so delectable. Love it.
I would say the meal definitely lived up to expectations, and I am already planning my return.

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